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Is Cruise Line Employment right for you?

Working onboard a cruise ship does require hard work and discipline. It is common for employees to work 6 days a week and sometimes 10 hour days. You usually share your accommodations (cabin and bathroom) with other crew members and are required to maintain a certain level of behaviour in public places. Contracts are between 4 to 6 months in length and if you're a good employee there is usually an offer to renew.

However, if you're not afraid of a little hard work and getting to know people, working onboard a cruise ship can be an experience of a lifetime and in some cases life changing. The benefits of working onboard a cruise ship are endless. Which is why it is the most sought after employment in the tourism industry.

Although you will be working hard, you will have many opportunities to visit various countries and experience the life of other cultures. In addition to exploring eye capturing destinations and taking in the sights and sounds, you will have the chance to earn an attractive salary. And what's more is you'll be able to save money! Since your accommodations and food are always paid, the only money you will need to spend will be for your personal use.

Where Would you be Traveling?

Where you would be traveling to obviously depends on the cruise ship in which you become employed by.

Some of the most frequented destinations are: Alaska, Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii, Bermuda, Mexico, Panama Canal, Canada, Mediterranean, Europe, South America, China, Australia, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, India, and Tahiti.

What is the income level?

You can often make $2,000-6,000 (U.S. funds) or more per month. This depends on the cruise line that hires you, the position you're applying for and your previous work experience.

How would I get to the ship?

Once you are hired by the cruise line, they will make arrangements for travel to their ship. Travel to and from ship are paid by the cruise line that hires you.

Why Use Our Services?

Our Services allows you to submit your Resume to over 300 Cruise Lines!  Applying through Cruise International not only ensures that your application is complete and concise but more importantly that it is reviewed by the proper department and/or personnel manager.

Using our services is the same as applying for hundreds of jobs but in less time, allowing you to be proactive in your job search.

To begin your journey and success in this exciting industry, browse the Jobs & Salaries section of our site to see if there are suitable positions for you.


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"Through Cruise International I secured a six month contract with Princess Cruise Lines and was able to pay off my student loan and still have money in the bank." - Dan P.    Dallas, TX.

"I love traveling and this job allowed me to visit beautiful Countries I could only previously dream about." - Jessica L.  Red Deer, AB. Canada

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Cruise Line Destinations  

Alaska, Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii, Bermuda, Mexico, Panama Canal, Canada, Mediterranean, Europe, South America, China, Australia, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, India, and Tahiti.


Friends & Couples

Cruise Lines will often give serious consideration to hiring pairs of people that are interested in working together at the same location because the companionship will often result in both employees staying on for longer contracts.

Therefore, if you and a friend or loved one are looking for a great way to see the world together, consider having your applications distributed at the same time to  cruise lines.







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